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A bootcamp doesn't have to be an in-your-face drill sergeant, sweat-and-mud slit trenches, and thirty mile quick marches every morning. In fact, though it gets its name from the military induction and basic training bases known affectionately as "boot camps" an online boot camp is, in its purest sense, just a place to receive great training. That training usually begins with the basics and progresses through incremental levels all the way to subject mastery. It doesn't matter whether you write it bootcamp or boot camp, that is exactly what you will find here at Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp

Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD.

"Hi! My name is Steve and I teach people just like you how to get the most from their WordPress websites. Your website is important to your online business success. It is the foundation of your total online presence. I can show you how to create and manage your own WordPress website and take full control of it as you expand your online business and reach for your success. This bootcamp provides the training and tools you need to do just that.

"It has been said that I make learning easy and fun. I enjoy teaching and I make all this techie stuff understandable. Let me put you on the right path to online success with the right website. Let me show you how to work easily with it, and to effectively manage and expand it to suit your changing needs. Learning to use WordPress through my WP Website Boot Camp will do all of this and more."

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp

Who Is Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp For?
Writers - Coaches - Designers - Solopreneurs - Artists - Professionals

Directed purposefully to spiritual marketers, heart-centered entrepreneurs, work-at-home solopreneurs, and passionate creatives, Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp is for anyone and everyone, from newbie to intermediate level, who wants to have, and understand, a WordPress website of their own as the foundation to their online presence, their ecommerce business, or their professional practice.

If you are just starting out to explore whether or not you need a website, this bootcamp is for you. If you are still trying to decide which website package you want to use, this bootcamp is for you. Perhaps you already have a website, but you haven't yet got it under control. This bootcamp is for you. If your website is WordPress and you want to know more about using it, to be more in control, this bootcamp is for you!

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp will help you learn what you need to know to be more effective in your website use, development, management, and marketing, no matter what level you are at now. From rank beginner looking to take your first steps online, to intermediate website owner who wants more control over your online presence, this bootcamp provides the answers, the training, the understanding, and the support you are looking for -- all in one place.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp Is It For You

Is Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp For You?
Three Months - 12 Weekly Live Video Classrooms - Corresponding Self-Study

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp is a twelve week structured program made up of several parts, including self-study materials, private live group classrooms, individual student websites, a student support website, real access to the instructor, and additional downloadable materials. The bootcamp is presented over a specified three-month period, each module building upon the one before.

Each workshop covers a specific topic area. Each area of self-study is an in-depth, work-at-your-own-pace, tutorial that guides you easily through the material in the right order. Each of these individual workshops and live tutorials could be independent mini-courses in their own right. Some could be offered individually for the price of this entire boot camp. Some people are charging nearly $1000.00 for less than what is included here. Why would you pay hundreds more only to get less?

Working with Steve has been a gift. I started out knowing so little and sometimes made him work so hard but Steve remained patient throughout. Steve took me by the hand where I was, without judgement, and added more. His knowledge base has supported me like a scaffolding that grew as I did, never leaving me behind.

Barb Orozco Texas WizardsPlace WordPress Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp bootcamp

"I have worked with other coaches, taken other workshops, but working with Steve has been the most enjoyable and the most successful. What an opportunity. Had Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp been available to me when I first started with WordPress I would have been so much farther ahead. This is such a deal. I recommend for anyone to jump on it!"

-- Barb Orozco, Picture Story Consultant
WordPress Website: Love Made Tangible


Workshops, Materials, & Bonuses
Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp Includes The Following Items

  • Twelve weekly live, interactive, online video classroom sessions.
  • Q&A periods in the classroom sessions get your questions answered.
  • Twelve corresponding self-study, self-paced, web-based workshops.
  • Self-directed workshops include downloadable files, reports, ebooks.
  • Unlimited email support and real-time weekly access to the Wiz.
  • A fully installed, ready-to-use, WordPress website you can keep.
  • Steve's famous, easy-going, teaching style guides you week to week.
  • Unannounced bonuses that keep the bootcamp current and relevant.
  • A signed certificate of completion suitable for framing and display.
  • Optional on-going, affordable, training/support when the bootcamp ends.

Starting at the beginning, each workshop builds effectively on the previous material, guiding you along step by step, until you have completed the entire series. Work at your own pace. Go back over the material as often as you like. Visit the boot camp site any time during the program. You simply won't find a better, more comprehensive, WordPress workshop, summer camp, academy, or bootcamp, offered online this year!

Individual Personal Student Interview With The Wiz

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - Personal Discovery Call

• Personal Discovery Call
Each student participates in a personal one-on-one discovery call with Steve to explore their business and online presence concepts, at whatever point they are, to ensure that the program really is a good fit. Steve cares that you get the program you need with the right components to work for you and your business going forward.

More Detail On The Twelve Weekly Classes And Self-Study Workshops

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - Getting Started Right

• Getting Started Right
We provide the fundamental foundational information you need to get started right. It's part of your self-study material and you can work through it at your own speed. We've organized it so you can get the important stuff first and then follow on with the rest of it as you need it. Easy learning comes from good organization.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - Student Development Website

• Student Development Website
You get underway quickly with a fully installed WordPress website. It's a place to start if you don't already have one, and a safe workshop/test site if you do. Your subscription to Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp includes this site, worth several hundred dollars, which you can keep* when the bootcamp is completed.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - Pages Posts Content

• Pages & Posts: Content
You've heard the phrase, Content Is King and, when it comes to websites, this is undeniably true. We will get you started on content development with pages and posts right away. There are no long boring history lessons before you jump right in. This bootcamp is hands-on real website development from the get go.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - Domain Hosting DNS Installation

• Website Hosting & Installation
Your student website came already installed but we would be remiss if we didn't teach you about domain names, website hosting, domain name servers (DNS) and WordPress installation. It's the dry, technical, stuff but you really should know it. We will even recommend great places where you can register domains and get hosting.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - WordPress Plugins

• WordPress Plugins
One of the things that makes WordPress such a powerful website package is the ability to extend it through the use of plugin modules (plugins) that add, extend, enhance, or modify, the available features and functions of the standard installation. We will cover plugins extensively and recommend several you may want to use.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - WordPress Themes

• WordPress Themes
Known as skins or templates on other website systems, on WordPress they are called themes. They allow you to readily create the look and feel of your website by dropping in the theme of your choice. Usually only minimal modification is needed but some themes allow you to be creative and add your own design elements if you wish.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - Blogging For Success

• Blogging For Success
WordPress started out as a blog. Today it is so much more than just a blog but blogging still remains an integral part of the core installation. While WordPress can be a blog, or not, as you choose, we will teach you the power of blogging and how best to employ it as a key element of your online presence success.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - Search Engine Optimization

• Search Engine Optimization
Organic traffic is the holy grail of website success and WordPress is well equipped to deliver what's needed to make streams of organic traffic possible. The workshop on search optimization takes you through everything necessary for you to make your WordPress website search engine friendly, leading to more targeted organic traffic.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - Website Analytics

• Website Analytics
Being able to track traffic and activity on your website can be important to your online business success. From simple visitor counts to page views, dwell time, and in-depth analysis, WordPress can deliver all the metrics you need. We will cover a variety of options and solutions to good website analytics.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - WordPress Security

• WordPress Security
WordPress is one of the most secure website packages right out of the box but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be vigilant. We'll discuss security risks and provide real solutions you can implement, from recommended plugins to hand-applied security options. You will learn good security and proper backup and restore practices.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - Monetization eCommerce

• Monetization & eCommerce
If you offer products and/or services online than you will likely want your website to support these activities. Even if you are just blogging, you may want to find ways to monetize your site. Extra income is always good. We will explore a number of options that can bring revenue through your website.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - WordPress Membership Sites

• WordPress Membership Sites
Sometimes you will want to keep some material on your website separate and allow access to it only for selected individuals. Membership sites can be free to access or require payment or, like this site, may be a combination of both. WordPress can be an excellent platform for developing a membership site. We'll show you how.

* Want to keep the student website after the bootcamp is over? You can do so in one of three ways:

  1. Remain a paid member of WizardsPlace and your website hosting is included, or
  2. Pay us for separate on-going hosting which includes email site support from the Wiz, or
  3. We'll help you find other suitable hosting and migrate your site to them at no charge.

Where Will The Boot Camp Be Held?
Live Virtual Classrooms, Self-Directed Study & Resources

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - Virtual Classroom Sessions

• Virtual Classroom Sessions
How it all ties together; website, blogging, content, social media, SEO, and everything else that makes for a fully functional, full-featured, professional blog or website, made real in live, virtual classroom presentations, with Q&A opportunity. It's your turn to shine as you step forward with your new and effective online presence.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - Self-Directed Study

• Self-Directed Study
Web-based content (text, images, audio, video) and downloadable files (PDF) provide a solid base for self-directed study on your own time and at your own pace. Need to revisit the material later? It will be there. Come back as often as you like. Updated regularly to be always up to date, this program will always be valid going forward.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp - Available WordPress Resources

• Available WordPress Resources
A comprehensive list of services and support options available to you as you build and work with WordPress over the coming months. Additional videos, documents, downloads, and special bonuses, are made available in this section. Content is regularly expanded and updated. Contact Steve by email as often as you need.

What Other People Have Said...
About Steve And His Previous Trainings

Noboxatall Prescription For Success

From Website To Wealth Mentoring

WizardsPlace WordPress Workshop

I discovered the Wiz in 2005 when I was searching for a first-class designer of eBay seller listing templates, so that my eBay items for sale would look very professional. All the research I did pointed to the Wiz as the #1 provider of high quality listing templates. I learned very quickly that Steve was highly skilled in many areas that I considered to be way over my head. I turned to Steve, not just for eBay templates, and general online selling advice, but also with PHP and MySQL development work on many co-developed websites for scores of clients.

Dan Therrell Alabama WizardsPlace WordPress Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp bootcamp

"I did not realize then just how much Steve Henry would influence my business success over the next six years. It has been my good fortune that Steve has also become a trusted friend, as well as business associate and mentor for anything to do with online selling. Most weeks I talk with Steve for several hours about new business strategies, tools, and opportunities."

-- Dan Therrell, Photographer & Solopreneur
WordPress Website: Beautiful Fairhope

From His Foreword To Wiz's Ten Steps To Staying Focused On Your Objectives.


It's Time For YOU To Decide

You need a website, or maybe you already have one but it's not working for you. You keep paying for changes but you can't seem to get what you want. And all the technology! It's all too overwhelming. There must be another way, even if only to understand what your web designer is telling you.

Today's WordPress is the website choice of more people than any other platform. In over 25 years online and more than 20 years building websites, Steve knows it has never been easier than it is right now for the individual -- for YOU -- to create and manage your own website using WordPress. So why wait?

Steve says, "Fire your webmaster and take control of your website today!"

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp provides you the information and the tools to do it the right way. For far less than the cost of having a website built, and less than most other comprehensive online courses, this bootcamp brings together the best information, the best presenters, the best videos, and the best self-study and downloadable material, to provide you with the absolute best outcomes.

Guided by a experienced and successful professional who has walked the same path you are walking now, you will learn how to create, install, and manage your own powerful, professional, WordPress website worth many thousands of dollars. And no more overwhelm. Steve makes the technology understandable, easy, even fun. So really, what are you waiting for?

Lifetime Site Access - Twelve Weekly Workshops - Live Video Classrooms

Click The Green Button. Enroll In Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp Right Now!
One Affordable Payment Of $297.00 For This In-Depth Learning Program
Immediate Support Site Access - Next Live Session Starts Soon.

$297.00 is charged to your PayPal account today, and each subsequent month going forward until cancelled or adjusted. Your subscription is handled securely through PayPal. You will need your own PayPal account for processing. PayPal accounts are free and you can be funded from a credit card if you prefer not to keep a balance. We do not have access to your PayPal account or credit card information, nor can we make additional charges. Due to the value of the content in this course, access to some of which is provided immediately following registration, no refunds are offered. You may, however, cancel your subscription, and any further payments, at any time.

Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp Is Not Associated With WordPress or Automatic Inc.

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