About Wiz’s WP Website Boot Camp

Besides what the home page, or sales page, says about Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp, this page will provide a little more detail for those that are interested or just need more context to help them make up their mind. We understand.

The Boot Camp Concept

The term boot camp, or bootcamp as it is sometimes written, refers less than affectionately to the leather boot, foot blistering, induction camps; a familiar part of Military training most of the world over. The term has come to apply to any intense, or in-depth, training program that packs a lot of value into a short period of time.

Sometimes these are single day sessions, weekend programs, or even multiple week summer programs. They are offered to children, teens, and adults alike. A great deal of exceptional information and training is packed into many of these boot camps.

While carefully omitting the sweaty 20 mile marches, sore muscles, and blistered feet, Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp draws on the idea of in-depth information and intense training to provide you with as complete a package as possible in its four week duration.

The Program Format

The Instructors

Besides the Wiz (Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD - Steve) who handles the personal interviews, live sessions, one-on-one and group classroom presentations, there are several other presenters who have prepared excellent video and audio recordings. Existing presenters may change, and new presenters may be brought in from time to time.

These videos provide extended context in the self-directed study areas. You will be able to return to all of these materials as often as you need, and as often as you want, even after you have completed the twelve week program. You will have full access to new and updated material as it becomes available.

Your investment in Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp is an on-going investment in your future.

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