F.A.Q. WordPress Boot Camp

This page lists some of the more common frequently asked questions we receive from time to time about WordPress and Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp, and our answers to them. If you don't find the answer you need, feel free to contact the Wiz using the contact page in the menu above.

Q: Do I need a website or a domain name in order to attend Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp?

A: No. Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp starts from the premise that you are new to WordPress and just starting out. We'll help you obtain the right domain, the right hosting, and you will actually create your website during the boot camp. However, if you already have your own domain name, or even your own website, that's okay too. You can make use of them and you will learn how to make your existing website perform even better.

Q: Do I need a PC (Windows) or can I attend Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp using my Mac?

A: Any computer that can access the the Internet is fine. PCs, Macs, even mobile devices including tablets and smart phones, however best results will be obtained when working from a desktop or laptop computer.

Q: What times do Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp workshops run?

A: One of the benefits of the program is that much of the work is online and self-directed so you can attend at any time that is convenient for you. The weekly live sessions will be held twice a week, on different days and at different times. You can attend either, or both, as necessary. Students are always welcome to attend future sessions of the boot camp, without charge, in order to pick up any updates or missed material. Access to the student boot camp website is for life.

Q: How long will it take me to complete Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp?

A: That's really up to you. The full session normally runs for 12 weeks but you can come back to join us in future sessions if you feel you need additional study. The self-directed sections of the material have no time limit though they will be discussed in live sessions, so it is best you complete them, or at least review them, before attending. These may take two to three hours per week.

Q: Do I need to know how to use WordPress before signing up for Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp?

A: No, not at all. You can be an absolute beginner. You'll be able to handle this program. The more you know, of course, the easier it may be, however sometimes unlearning things you may know but which may not be the best answers can be difficult. We can handle that too. And, if you struggle either because of what you don't know or because of what you do know already, you will be able to get extra personal assistance at no additional charge. Our primary purpose is to see you find success with WordPress.

Q: Why do you use the WP in Wiz's WP Website Boot Camp instead of the full word WordPress?

A: That's a great question and the answer is quite straight forward. While we can use the word WordPress in general reference to the content management system (CMS) software, it is none-the-less a registered trademark for a brand owned by others and we cannot, therefore, incorporate that brand name into our own product brand name. We are allowed to use the initials WP however. We also use the W-in-a-circle WordPress logo with permission.

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